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Beacon technology is the piece of Bluetooth hardware, which size can vary based upon range and battery capacity. Beacons are low energy devices which can be broadcasted through signals at regular intervals. They can be supported by proximity technology which fosters the two-way communication between the application and transmitter. Beacon technology is low cost, low powered and low energy Bluetooth devices that use the low frequency for transmitting weak signals to other Bluetooth enabled devices. iBeacon allows broadcasting the devices and receiving any small amount of information within short distances.


Hence, at Emonics LLC we are premium iBeacon app Development Company that unleashes the true potential of BLE technology. We offer breakthrough business solutions by leveraging the power of beacon to employ ever-efficient technology.  Emonics LLC utilizes the latest technologies to build an iBeacon app for both the iOS and Android devices at a reasonable price. Our team of experts has grown tenfold while working on projects that range across diverse vertical industries. Moreover, we adept at holding down the fort while our client retention ratio intact remains staggering 99%. With our, persistence, loyalty, commitment and highly compliance skills, we have propelled upcoming startups to expedite their revenue generating model.

Our Beacon Technology Services and Solutions

  • We aim to provide enhanced user experience, interactivity, and communication by using path-breaking technology. Hence, we focus on various industries like food, retail, education, real estate and many more. We offer numerous solutions in beacon technology, such as:

Resource tracking

  • Using iBeacon technology, we offer tailor-made complete package solutions to track down your assets and, thus, track mobile app, and child tracking app for big hotels & resorts.

Indoor positioning and Navigation

  • We offer precise location delivery and leveraging; this can be a great indoor navigation app for a great purpose. Users can navigate from one area to another with our beacon technology apps.

Interactive Guide

  • iBeacon app solutions allow you to begin in a city and end on another one without having to spend a single penny on human guides. We can develop and integrate multilingual iBeacon mobile app with text, audio, and video information to provide the ultimate experience.

Smart Automation

  • We create smart Bluetooth protocol based iBeacon app that offers a range of automated solutions. Either it is home, industry or commercial, our beacon application services will transform the face of your office, business operations, and home in the best possible way.

Proximity Marketing

  • Our proximity based iBeacon app development helps businesses to market their products/services and offer in a most effective way while engaging their clients effectively.