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The logistics and shipping industry faces a lot of disruptive trends that include emerging growth of the market, over-regulation, etc. Emonics LLC specializes in offering custom-built services to lead logistics organization all across the globe. Our logistics management software has innumerable features that are very sensitive to the requirements of transport operators and freight forward companies. Emonics LLC provides superior logistics services to enhance the visibility of the supply chain by applying competent and latest technological trends. Our custom build and robust applications have been targeted with diversified complex processing system into flexible transport management.

Emonics LLC gives the organizations real-time visibility and predictive intelligence, thus helps to ensure on-time deliveries and business excellence. With the imperative blending process of mobility and geo-intelligence, we provide real-time multi-enterprise visibility of logistics function. We focus on helping the clients to reach on-time delivery schedules by majorly considering the criterion rule i.e. route optimization, productivity enhancement, and supply chain management. Emonics LLC uses predictive technology to estimate the delay in freight movement which helps manufacturers with better planning and arrival of goods, reliable transportation, reducing inventory, and cost. Our logistics services mainly include:

·         Asset & Fleet Management

·         Outbound Logistics Management


·         Transport Management Systems